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My school is one of a few that is a fulltime martial arts school that is dedicated to martial arts from around the world.
I have been established since 1988, and my track record of being a teacher and turning out fine students with authentic martial arts being taught can speak for itself.
I am a serious individual who likes comitment in training, therefore if you intend to come along and start training then I would also like you to be serious. If you put 100% behind your training i will help you 110%. If you want to be taught any of the martial arts that I teach, with no frills or hidden agendas. Then you have come to the right place.

I am approachable when needed, have no time for time wasters. Unfortunatey the martial arts world is full of time wasters, ask any genuine instructor whatever arts he teaches the same question.

So if you have a serious interest in my schools training programme then come along to where I am.
I am open 7 days a week.

I know that starting anything new can be daunting, not knowing what to expect etc. But you must make the first step and once hooked on the training, I guarantee you wont stop and will wish to make further strides and gains.

I have a full time school in prime location. Easily accessable from the tube. I offer a 3 month training programme for only £170 to train twice a week for beginners only. You must choose the two days and keep to them (cannot change).

This will give you a feel of the school and the atmosphere. If you wish to register fill in the form below. I hope to see you soon.

Paul Whitrod Ajarn

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Ajarn Pramote blesses Paul Whitrod with the Sword of Ayuttya