Martial Arts Training & Massage Therapies

For established companies looking to create an in-house concierge service to offer your employees, tenants, or guests. C.M.A.T & M.T offers both on and off site training programs


C.M.T.& M.T 

TMAA (Traditional Martial arts Association) set up the corporate martial arts training UK section to help companies get in touch with the Martial arts professionals. 

Recent studies show that increased exercise through martial arts is a great way for employees to unwind from the pressure and stresses of everyday work. As a result, productivity and motivation should also increase, making business more profitable and less stressful.

Not only doe's this keep one fit, but also a great way to learn self-defence and confidence.

Companies are now increasingly looking at our Corporate Martial Arts Training UK & Massage Therapies, we can offer 3 or 4 professionals and for idea to supplement their own initiatives in setting up membership at their local gyms, or better still to set up space within their offices to facilitate the Martial arts or massage programs. 

The biggest concern among young employees is NOT HAVING ENOUGH TIME FOR THEIR FAMILY AND WANTING TO STUDY MARTIAL ARTS, AND SELF PROTECTION. Your company can now make that change for them!!


What so special about our offer

We offer these wide ranges of martial arts that will cater for the needs of your employees, Martial arts from China, India & Thailand.

Y    Self-defence, a must for companies

Y    To protect female staff

Y    Pad training,

Y     Knife and stick defence training

Y    Tai Chi Chuan

Y    Southern Mantis Kung Fu

Y    Hsing Yi 12 animal Boxing

Y    Ba Gua

Y    Tekkan Kalarippayatt (India)

Y    Krabi Krabong (Thailand)

Y    Grappling Skills etc.

Whether you like your employees to learn an in-depth art or just self-defence we can cater for this with great ease.

Why should you hire us?

Experience. Our intensive training programmes have been put to the test, and they work. We have been established since 1988 and we are one of the oldest Martial arts companies in UK. Here you will find some of our trainers have more than 30 years experience.


Massage Therapies

Did you know?

Y     Absentee-ism has tripled at the workplace over the last many years due to stress, and body related illness, back pain etc

Y     40% of working people say they are often feeling completely used up by the end of the week!

Y     More than 80% or workers say their lives are more stressful now than they were five years ago.

Y     Job burnout is experienced by 25% of the UK work force, blaming stress as one of the main causes.

Y     More than ever before, employee stress is being recognised as a major drain on corporate productivity and competitiveness.

We are working harder than ever before, plus having to balance childcare, care for senior parents and errand running (to name a few) at the same time.

Today is has become everyone’s priority to maintain balance between work and home.

Whether you are a corporation, association or real estate company. CMATMT can help you create that in house training department. So apart from our martial arts skills here is a list of different therapies will do that will help your employees unwind.

Y    Thai massage

Y    Thai therapy

Y    Thai foot massage

Y    Chinese massage

Y    Indian massage and head massage

Y    Treatments for ailments (back pain, shoulder strain, neck problems etc)

What can CMATMT do for you?

By offering any of these services will give you the edge on your competition

My making CMATMT a part of your services will increase your employee retention rate

As employees become less stressed, their health will improve. They will take fewer sick leaves.


We will personally answer each and every telephone call and email in 1-2 business days. They can call us anytime with any follow up questions.

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