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Dit dar means fall & hit. It is a medicine system based around injuries due to falling or being hit in Martial arts practice. Thus we have selection of different medicines to meet your requirements. From oils, liniments, hit pills, loose herbs and more. Naturally because of all our medicines have been brewed by ourselves and the formulas have been handed down to myself, I may be sometimes low on stock as to what I have made. But if you need a particular formula then we can make for you from our ancient formulas.

I have also selection of Indian medicine from South India known as Marma Chiliksalayam. And once again although it is brewed here, we maybe run low of certain key items. This type of medicine is similar to the above dit dar and deals with the injuries and also marma therapy (pressure points)

Fall & Hit Wine (dit dar jau)
This is a 24 herbal formula that removes bruises, slight strain and contusions.
100 ml
£8 + £3 p&p


Fall & Hit Oil (dit dar yau)
This herbal formul removes pains, strain, due to excessive training thats now formed into an injury.
100 ml
£8 + £3 p&p


Dit dar Jau herbs
Why not brew your own dit dar jau, all you need to add in Rice wine or brandy and leave for 6 months.
Makes 10 litres
£30 per bag + £3 p&p


South Indian Pain Oil
(Marma Chilikslayam)
Removes bruises, body stiffness, aches and pains.
£8 + £3 p&p



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