Grandmaster Samai Mesamana

Grandmaster Sami Mesamana was born on the 5th May of 1914 in Tambon Bang Thani in Ayutthaya. At a young age he practised Muay Thai, judo, western fencing and most famously Krabi-Krabong. His family lineage is a direct descendant of the true warriors of the coust yards who defended Sri Siam known now as Thailand.
he was a very gifted person. He was very humble, respectful, yet firm with his teaching. He opened the Bhuddhai Sawan in Bangkok, to repilcate the Buddhai Sawan in Ayuttya, and was known to become one of the best Krabi-Krabong teachers today in the World. Ajarn Samai Mesamana at the age of 84 died by natural death. He left to the new generations the recompilations and work of his whole life, including his sons, step sons, and students. today one of his sons, Ajarn Pramote carries on the name Buddhai Sawan in Thailand