Paul Whitrod

Paul Whitrod Started Martial Arts at 13 with Karate, at 15 he started Chow Gar Southern Praying Mantis kung fu. At 20 he went to Hong Kong and at stayed at the home of Grandmaster Yip Shui. In 1987 he became UK representative of the Chow Gar Southern Praying Mantis Kung Fu. He also has studied Hsing Yi, Ba Gua and was certified in Hangzhou China at Hangzhou University from Master Ji Jian Chang. He also studied Tekkan Kalarippayatt and wrestling in India. Currently he has reached Gold sash 6th level in the art of Krabi Krabong. At Buddhai Sawan, and Muay Boran (old style Thai boxing) under Kru Colonel Nattapong Buayam, and Thai Boxing at Sasapra Thai Boxing gym and Jittys Gym Lad Prao. Although Paul Whitrod has been certified as Sifu/ Asan/ Ajarn from three countries, he never lets a Grade or title be the goal, but rather be an example of what he teaches is more important.

He currently teaches all the arts that he has learnt in his full time school in London Great Britain.