Grandmaster Kru Ajarn Pramote Mesamana

Grandmaster Kru Ajarn Pramote Mesamana started Krabi Krabong at the age of 6 from his father Semai Mesamana.This tradition of teaching father to son has a long history line of Noble warriors going back to the time Ayuttya. For many years he helped his father to promote the ancient art of Krabi Krabong. Kru Ajarn Pramote Mesamana has studied various other arts such as Muay Thai Kad Chuia (old style string boxing) Also Karate where he travelled to Japan. He used his Krabi Krabong skills in Japan against Kendo and won. He also learnt fencing skills from his father and Judo. Today at 68 he runs the Buddhai Sawan Krabi Krabong in Lad Prao. The Royal family of Thailand has given him permission to teach the Thai Army and to promote Krabi Krabong.


His father giving the blessing of Krabi Krabong weapons during annual Buddhai Sawan Celebration 1979.