Paul Whitrod receiving the sword of Ayuttya from Ajarn pramote as a blessing for his own school and to carry on the name Buddhai Sawan.

Basic weapons and their application.

When practitioners of the Buddhai Sawan reach a high stage in their training, the (kru) teacher would give the sword of Ayuttya as a blessing for his own school and to carry on the name Buddhai Sawan. There are of course many weapons in Krabi Krabong (pronounced 'gabbi Gabong') That states the genre of its training and of course open hand skills. though only listed 7 here, there are as many as 20 established weapons There are many types of weapons in Krabi Krabong. Used in warfare on Elephant back, namely the Ngau (long sword), Plong (staff) Daab (sword)

1.Krabi Krabong (sword and wooden staff made of cane) Thus used to stab, slice, etc both sharp. Both swords are used on ground fighting or one is used with shield. A long Stick of cane is a basic weapon

2.Daab(Sword). This is the more famous weapon in the history of Sri Siam. The warrior holds the weapons in one or both hand looking like the elephant tusks called (Darp Sung Mun) The swords are curved for slashing, There are two types of length. But in the olden times the length was much longer than today and far heavier

3.NGAU(Spear). This weapon is to be used on Elephant-back. The techniques was to use in a slicing move or stabbing, it has a hook on the end to guide the elephants and trap the opponents weapon. It resembles the daab (sword) but with a long staff for its extension. Normally the King would use this weapon. There is an extensive variety of different spears. When the King was going to Battle on the sides of the Elephant he had different kinds of spears.

4.Mae sauk. Is a ground level weapon ,made of hard wood or bone, known to coinside the movements of the ling (monkey). They come in pairs and are worn on part of your forearm. The weapon is used to attack as well as to block .it is a close in weapon range weapon you can use it very well in close combat.

5.LOH(Round Shield). This is the common sheild, normally is used to block but you can strike with the edges as well. It is big and round, and is made of metal, skin or cane

6.Kaen.(Medium Shield). This shield is rectangular like that covers most of your arm. Made from the same metal materials, and has many buddhist inscriptions written on the sheild. 7. Plong (staff) As mentioned earlier, the satt is used by the layman as a form of defense, its cover both blocking and striking and stabbing.