If you wish to have a treatment due to any injury that may have occurred recently or long ago for that matter. Then Paul Whitrod has a wide range of treatments to offer.
Dit Da (fall & hit medicine)
Marma Chiliksalayam
Thai Massage
Indian Massage
Indian head massage with oils
Thai Therapy
Thai oil massage
Foot Massage
Herbal formulas (Chinese/Indian and Thai)
These are just a few of the wide range of skills that he offers, please read a short profile below

Paul Whitrod has been involved the art of traditional medicine for more than 27 years. He first started leaning Chinese dit da meaning fall & hit. That is used for the treatment of injury due to martial arts training/sports injury or general injury that may occur from falling down. He training began with studying with Grandmaster Yip Shui in 1980 in Hong Kong and continued until his death in 2004. Many obstacles arose with learning medicine; techniques that were taught to him by the Grandmaster were easily obtained through practise. But the ancient formulas that were given to him they go back many hundreds of years had to be translated. And so slowly with the help a few friends in Hong Kong and research made things possible to an effective treatment at his disposal.
In 1999 he started leaning the marma chiliksalayam from several masters of this art. This south Indian medicine, which originally is from the Saga Agastya some 1000s of years ago. In the (Ayur Veda marma chiliksalayam) there are many types of treatments; the type of massage treatments in table below gives a quick insight
Naturally there are more than what listed in all the system has some have at least 18 different type of herbal preparation massage treatments.
As Paul Whitrod has studied the martial arts from India (Adi Tada kalari) China (Kung Fu) and Thailand (Krabi & Thai boxing) Naturally he was taught the medicine skills associated with them, and gained secret herbal formula from the grandmaster in China and from the masters in India to make treatment even more potent.
Also since 1999 in Thailand Paul Whitrod studied at the famous Wat Po temple in Thailand learning the Thai Massage, Advance Thai Massage, Foot massage, Thai Therapy, Thai Oil massage etc

So what is this type of treatment?
Overall what is Traditional injury treatment and massage therapy? They are in fact ancient systems that are a unique way to heal the body of Injury. The orthopaedics and traumatology of traditional eastern systems of Chinese, Thai & Indian medical sciences. These unique forms of practices go back more than thousands of years in the prolonged struggle against diseases, injuries, wounds with an uninterrupted explorations and summarizations by doctors of past and present. In the three countries that Paul Whitrod had studied from each has a similar and close relationship with the other when it comes to treating such ailments. This maybe due to the fact that once upon a time the vast plain India, China, Thailand, were interconnecting with such profound knowledge.
So here is a list of different ailments that we treat.

Any injury treatment that I do, I keep my prices low as I believe that treatment of the body from illness or injury is not for a money gaining venture, that we ask God for the help in recovery. Costs vary from £15 to £35 which includes medicines. A session may last up to 45 minutes
Massage treatments for general well being, such as Chinese Tui Na/ Thai Massage/head/ foot/Indian massage etc is £50 per hour

If you wish to make an appointment you can do through this number
07702 594398. As all my clients are mainly through word of mouth
I also offer courses at reasonable costs providing that those wishing to study the above skills do not see treatments of injury as a money making tool.
(Massage for health/beauty is otherwise different)

Marma chiliksalayam treatments

Massage Chowtirimul & Kaitirimul (massage with feet or hand)
1 special rejuvenation massage which includes head and body massage with specially prepared medicated oil and herbal creams for face.
Joint massage
General body massage, head, face and all the joints including vertebra=e with high potent oils. Relieving rheumatic pain, joint pain, arthritis etc
General muscle massage
Relaxing massage with medicated oil, which relieve tiredness, body tuning, keeping the body young and strong (there are several methods)
Marma Chilika massage
Treatment works through massage on the extremely sensitive vital points of the body (108) Massage is done by linking the points ups in the massage to feel a sense of well being and strength
External application of medicated oil over the whole body giving importance to the head, ears, face and feet. Done according to the condition of the patient. Promotes blood circulation, relaxation of the mind and body and followed by medical bathing
Treatment of problems like paralysis, obesity, hemiplegia, Rheumatic aliments. This treatment is done with herbal powders in an upward fashion
Sweda Karma
Medicated steam bath to remove impurities from the body, using leaves
A process which fomentation is done by application of medicated leaves processed in medicated oil, help relief of body pain, arthritis, backache
Njavara Kizhi
External application of medicated rice packs tied in bags. Fomentation of the body by applying medical bags boiled in milk and decoction of sida retusa.
Lukewarm herbal oils are applied over the body in rhythmic manner for a period of 1 to2 hours daily for 7 to 14 days. It gives full relaxation to the body and mind, relieving general stiffness, nervous diseases, arthritis, rheumatic complaint, paralysis
Treatment for headache, insomnia, mental tension etc. Herbal oil medicated milk or butter milk decoctions are poured over the forehead and body in a special manner. There is also Ordhwanga Dhara (goof for eyesight, ears and skin) Takra Dhara (for memory loss, severe headache and insanity) Saranga Dhara (for head and body together)
Awagha sweda
Hip bath, backache urinary disorders and body pain
Treatments for Nasal Ailments, inhalations of medicated herbs, plus oil, ghee to eliminate factor from the head, neck area, for migraine, sleeplessness, cold congestion
Treatment for dryness of nostrils, mouth and throat, severe headaches, facial paralysis
Treatment for eyes in strengthening, preventing cataracts. Application of medicated ghee or oil
Cream for eyes for good vision, followed by wash with herbal decoction
Herbal medicated decoctions of oil through anus. For headaches, pile, arthritis. Skin problems

Chinese Dit dar

Chinese Tui na massage
Tui Na, uses rolling actions, lifting techniques, the palms etc. ideal for treatments of Injury. Can be used with oils or Jau based medicine,

Jin Lo On Mor
Energy massage, works along the energy lines of the work for a sense of well bing

Acupressure Massage (Ong Mor)
This skill uses different hand skill to locate points, to attain the required results
From tapping with finger, butterfly palms, rolling wrist action, kneading, lifting etc are some

Dit dar
Used in the treatment of injuries to any part of the body, in conjunction with herbal remedies

Known as Yuk sin. These are herbal sticks that contain many different herbs. Used for arthritis, rheumatic problems

This treatment is used to treat circulation problems and helps the flow of energy, to restore vital balance

Herbal Therapy. Poultice making,
This are used to combat certain injuries, such as internal injury, fracture, sprains, bruising. Covering many different types of formulas to the injury this includes;
Hit pills
Alcohol based medicines for external/internal application
Herbal oils
Poultices etc

Thai Massage Wat po

Thai Massage
Wat Po style Thai massage works along the energy points and lines known as sen channel. There are some 108 positions that can be done in the entire massage; at least 32 are used in a two hour massage<

Thai therapy
Thai therapy is a Thai version of Indian Marma Chiliksalayam or dit dar. Thus working on all types of injuries, from headache, back ache, shoulder ache, stomach problems, it works on the Thai sen channel and points. Which there are 108.

Thai Foot Massage
Thai Foot massage is a unique method of treatment of the feet well a sense of well being. In Thai Foot massage they use a small stick and oils with the treatment to bring a sense of well being, the points on the feet has a correlation with the whole body

Thai Oil Massage
Is a form of ancient aromatherapy style massage with essential oils, this type of treatment is goes back 1000 of years.