Wat Po Temple - Massage & Treatments.

Paul whitrod has studied various different types of massage and treatment therapies over the last 25 years. These include Chinese dit da (fall and hit) Tui Na (massage), Indian Marma Chiliksala, Massage and South indian oils for the treatment of injury due to martial arts practise and sports activites. Also he has studied Thai massage, Thai oil massage, Thai injury treatment massage and Thai foot massage at the famous Wat Po Temple, Bangkok Thailand

Thai Massage and Foot Reflexology

The Thai people generally see the feet has a basest part of the human body. they consider its rude to point them at someone or put them on a table etc. However the Thais take good care of their feet and thus explains how all over Thailand there are plenty of foot reflexology and massage parlours with 65% of Thai people taking care of their body through massage and foot reflexology

Other countries are now following suit with professional massage parlours and foot reflexology for 1st class health care.

Foot Reflexology

What is reflexology? coming from the latin word 'loggia reflex) meaning the science of the refles. In practise pressure is applied to certian kep pressure points in the feet. These according to tradition are linked to various oragns of the massage. Thus the orgain respond positively to stimulation, either through the thumb, finger or with the use of a small stick that is used in Thai foot massge.

No one knows how old is foot massage, although there are substantial information to suggest that it goes back over 5,000 years, in India, China etc.

Although it has been around for! a long time, like arotherapy, meditation, herbal massge. it is now being rediscovered. Foot massage is believed to help tension, body pain, improve circulation, and rejuvenate the whole body.

Thai Massage and Thai Aromatherapy Massage

Thai Massage is a very popular past time amongst people who wish to rejuvenate their whole body. either from a hard days work or atfer being at the gym. there are some 108 techniques that are used by at most some 40 to 50 are used during a nice two hour massage. Thai Massage traces the sen line with either palm or finger pressure, then use stretching techniques to open out and release muscle tension. there are some amazing techniques that brings relief to tired joints, aching muscles.

Thai Aromatherapy, is a kinder form of massage, that makes the use of certain oils to suit the occasion. using smooth strokes with oils to bring an uplifting sensations to a tired body. Aromatherapy is a ancient form of massage found in India, Egypt

The first international document to mention about Thai massage was in the memorandum of simon de Loubere, French Liasion to the Royal courts in Ayuttya in 1661. since then it has been passed down through the generations by their own skill. In 1906 King Rama V the Great By royal decree they translated all the ancient medical sciences from various languages into the present Thai Language, and recorded it in hand writing as the royal medical text book called ‘Tum Ra Pade Sard Songkroach (chubub Luang)’ included the massage procedures, line, and points.

There are 10 major massage lines. These lines are easy and common to practise. The stretching and yoga positions are also evaluated to be selected on individuals

Thai foot massage,Thai massage or Thai Aromatherapy is both uplifting and beneficial for health, try it a 2 hour session and find how great it feels!!!